Maness Petroleum Corporation explores for underground oil and natural gas deposits in the Michigan Basin.  Using historical drilling records and geophysical imaging techniques Maness Petroleum’s owners, Tim Maness and David Maness, build interpretations of the subsurface geology that can, hopefully, point to reservoirs containing oil and natural gas that can be produced for the benefit of the mineral owners and Maness’ partners.

While each exploration project is unique, a typical project begins with a regional geologic interpretation of prospective geologic formations followed by identifying possible un-tapped hydrocarbon deposits.  Once a prospective deposit has been selected, the mineral ownership is tentatively identified by researching landowner records in the courthouse and the mineral owners are leased.  After leasing, additional geophysical work may be conducted to confirm the initial interpretation or prior to identifying an actual drill site.  When a drill site is selected, further detailed courthouse research is performed to verify mineral ownership.  At this point, Maness turns the Prospect over to its lead partner, or operator, who will then permit the well and contract with the drilling company to actually drill the well.